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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Besides offering regular group classes, Shoreline also provides private lessons, in case you just need some one-on-one work with an expert to perfect that jibe, delve into the nuances of racing tactics, or refine that stroke.

These lessons are aimed at meeting the needs of more advanced enthusiasts who have taken a group lesson or have gained experience on their own. Aside from acting as a replacement for group classes, they also allow for close up, one-on-one instructor demonstrations and hands-on feedback. And, they are, in addition, a good option if you have scheduling conflicts or want to organize a special group event.

Please Note: Although private lessons can be a good way to get introduced to a sport, they are not a direct alternative for the intro classes (For introductory private lessons, we do not sell one hour sessions, as such a short lesson tends to breed frustration more than enjoyment of the sport.).

Lessons can be purchased in increments of 1-4 hours, with pricing noted below. Introductory or first-time private lessons typically require a 2-hour minimum.

Private Lessons Semi-Private Lessons
$150/hour for one person
  • $245/hour for two people
  • $295/hour for three people
  • (up to three people total)

Groups of 4+ people should contact the Boathouse to tailor a class to their needs and get a quote on lessons.

Sailing Certification Package: For those wanting to earn their U.S. Sailing Small Boat Sailor certification, we offer a special package price for private lessons. This package includes 8 hours of private lessons plus 4 hours of rentals for a total of $1250.

To sign up a group, and for more info, please fill out the Events Inquiry Form, or call the Events Team at 650-965-3779. To assess skill level, please contact our sailing staff at:

Want to purchase as a gift? Or, to have a pre-paid option available? Shoreline offers gift cards that can be used any time. Just contact the Boathouse (at or 650.965.7474), and we’ll get you set up