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Intermediate Sailing

Intermediate Sailing

Improve your skills on the water and earn an internationally recognized US Sailing certification!

Appropriate for ages 14 and up, this course teaches the skills to take part in racing (dinghy and larger) and qualifies students to attend Shoreline’s race clinics.

The course includes all necessary equipment. Shoreline’s experienced, certified coaches will help you refine your boat-handling, teach you capsize recovery techniques, work with you in man overboard drills, and expand your knowledge of self-rescue, sail tuning, and hull dynamics.

The Level II course also includes a 1-hour private lesson, which can be scheduled after completing the course.

Prerequisites: Students should be capable of treading water and swimming 100 yards, in addition to possessing at least Level I sailing skills (an intro to sailing class) – or 3 hours of private instruction and 2 hours of rental practice.

You’ll learn the following skills:

  • • Sail Theory – Lift vs. Stall, Slot effect
  • • Heel Control – Adjusting Sail Shape, Hiking, Feathering
  • • Sail Shape Controls – Outhaul, Cunningham
  • • Helmsmanship – Sailing the Close Hauled Groove, Upwind Efficiency
  • • Wind Shifts – Predict the Change, React Efficiently
  • • Helm control – Rudderless Sailing, Using the Sails and Hull Trim to Turn
  • • Apparent Wind, Man Overboard Recovery, Review Right of Way, and more…

Certification Package

We offer a package which includes Introductory Sailing and Intermediate Sailing (including the 1-hour private lesson already included with each of these courses, respectively) plus an additional 4 hours of rental for a total of $750.

What To Bring

Students should bring comfortable clothes, a jacket or fleece, a towel and change of clothes, lots of sun protection, a lanyard to secure their glasses around their heads, a bottle of water, and non-skid/non-marking shoes (tennis shoes, dock shoes, or Teva sandals work great).

Important: Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your class to check in.

Session Times Price
Sailing: Level II 2 day class 1:30pm-5:30pm 1 hr private lesson $375
  • Spring 2021
  • February 20-21
  • March 6-7
  • March 20-21
  • April 3-4
  • April 17-18
  • May 1-2
  • May 15-16
  • Summer 2021
  • June 5-6
  • June 19-20
  • July 17-18
  • July 31-Aug 1
  • August 14-15
  • August 28-29
  • September 11-12
  • Fall 2021
  • September 25-26
  • October 9-10
  • October 23-24
  • November 6-7


Directions to Our Facility

Want to purchase as a gift? Or, to have a pre-paid option available? Shoreline offers gift cards that can be used any time. Just contact the Boathouse (at or 650.965.7474), and we’ll get you set up.