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Custom Clinics

Private Sailing Clinics

Private group sailing clinic options are also available for companies and other organizations (for all skill levels, and focusing on enjoying the activity, while learning something new).

This is a Beginner Clinic: Rigging, terminology...all of that can come later. With this Clinic those who just want to get out on the water, and relax in the sun with a calm breeze, can dip a toe (or a finger), and find out what all the fuss is about, including why sailing is so much fun.

Private Windsurfing Clinics

Enjoy a three hour windsurfing private group lesson with co-workers, family or friends. This course is custom-fit for groups that want to experience a first taste of windsurfing.

Our instructors (certified through US Sailing's Windsurfing Instructor Programs), ensure all curriculum standards are met and provide instruction tailored to each individual at a personal level. By the end of the course, you and your colleagues will be windsurfing back and forth across the lake.


Minimum of 4 people – 3 hour clinic
4-7 people: $160/person
8-14 people: $140/person
15-30 people: $120/person

To sign up a group, or for more info, please fill out the Events Inquiry Form, or call the Events Team at 650-965-3779. To assess skill level, please contact our sailing staff at: