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Wine Seminar Series

Shoreline Lake is launching a new Wine Seminar Series. The idea was to create an informal wine-tasting series where participants can "dip a toe" and learn some useful basics, while having a relaxing time after work, in pleasant surroundings.

Perfect for anyone overwhelmed by, or unfamiliar with, wine, each independent seminar will focus on a practical topic, showcased by the wines provided during the tasting, without needing to make a huge commitment of time or engage in serious study.

Series Schedule

Reserve your spot for the first seminar on November 20th today! More dates coming soon.

All seminars in this series are held from 6:00pm-7:30pm at the Lakeside Café on the date indicated.

Note: This is a tentative schedule. Dates and event details subject to change

Seminar #1: Thursday, November 20th - The Grape Juice is Finally Here!

  • Primarily a tasting of newly released Beaujolais Nouveau from different negociants
  • Timing coincides with traditional release date (3rd Thursday of November) and Thanksgiving
  • Includes a quick talk about history, publicity stunts associated with the release (e.g., skydiving & cross-country racing to be the first to offer it in London), popularity, usefulness for pairing with Thanksgiving Dinner, etc.

Photos from Seminar #1 - click an image to view it full size.

Seminar #2: Basic Wine Pairing

Seminar and tasting that takes into account the Holiday Party Season and still includes Hanukkah.

  • Basic Principles of Pairing
  • Hanukkah-friendly wines
  • Holiday-friendly wines

Seminar #3: Basic Wine Tasting

Seminar and tasting that takes into account upcoming Christmas & New Year's Holidays

  • Basic principles of Wine Tasting
  • Tasting progression
  • Giving wine as a gift

Seminar #4: Basic Wine Preservation

Seminar and tasting regarding storage of post-holiday gifts of wine or leftover wine

  • Basic wine preservation
  • Do it yourself cellar
  • Is it too old to drink?

Seminar #5: Basics of Serving Wine

Seminar and tasting that demystifies how wine is served depending on type

  • Basics of Decanting
  • Fundamentals of serving wine
  • Dealing with corked wine

Photos from Seminar #5 - click an image to view it full size.

Seminar #6: Wine and Romance

Seminar and tasting that focuses on upcoming Valentine's Day

  • Formal wine service in restaurants
  • Dessert and fortified wines
  • Wine with chocolate

Seminar #7: US Wine Basics

Seminar and tasting focusing on wines produced in the US

  • US wines in general
  • Premium US wines
  • California vs. Oregon vs. Washington

Seminar #8: French Wine Basics

Seminar and tasting on different wines from France

  • French wines in general
  • Premium French wines
  • Demystifying French Wine Making Practices